World Rhino Day

What is World Rhino Day?

The 22nd of September is World Rhino Day. A day dedicated to celebrating Rhinos all across the world. And a day centred around bringing much needed attention to the conservation efforts set up to save the species from extinction in the wild.

(3 out of 5 Rhino species are currently critically endangered - so it's an important time for us to act!)


The Wonderful World Of Fidgets

Why you might have heard of fidgets

Fidgeting is a physical effect of our brain’s natural reaction to the world around us.

We might feel our feet unconsciously drumming along to the beat of our favourite song, a rush of unwelcome anxiety when navigating a new place, or spiking nerves when we are under pressure to meet a tight deadline.

Fidgety moments are a feature of our daily lives. They can happen at different times and can affect us in lots of different ways. Some can be seen as positive (jumping up and down with excitement), whilst others are perceived more negatively (ants in your pants wriggling about on your seat).

Finding ways to productively channel our fidgeting has become a subject of exploration for many ingenious minds. Rooted in sensory, it’s a topic of discussion that has even recently broken into mainstream focus (see the 2017 fidget spinner frenzy!). Which is why we thought that it’d be a good idea to dig into the wonderful world of fidgets, and why they’re an ingenious force for good.