The Importance of Social Skills

Why are social skills important?

Social skills are the foundation of our lifelong journey for personal development.

They help us build friendships, share our thoughts and ideas and evolve our sense of self, all whilst we grow our personal confidence. Laying down the foundations for a happy, enriching and supported life.

Although many people struggle with their social skills, especially ‘neurodivergent’ people with special educational needs, disabilities, or autism. This is because social structures are typically centred around neurotypical people, and feature lots of unspoken rules and practices that can take a while to learn, understand and adapt to.


World Rhino Day

What is World Rhino Day?

The 22nd of September is World Rhino Day. A day dedicated to celebrating Rhinos all across the world. And a day centred around bringing much needed attention to the conservation efforts set up to save the species from extinction in the wild.

(3 out of 5 Rhino species are currently critically endangered - so it's an important time for us to act!)


Supporting the Transition From Home-School to the Classroom

Annually one phrase calls an end to the summer holidays; much like marmite, it creates a polarising effect for whoever hears it. It is a love/hate relationship that causes excitement, anxiety and panic buying of new pencil cases for both students and teachers alike.

Back to school

Returning to formal learning environments after the long summer break can be a stressful concept for students. And the start of the 2020/21 school year is going to be uniquely stressful and overwhelming; especially for the 1.3 million children with special educational needs who might have found comfort in their relaxed home learning environments.

Not only will the normal 6 week summer break have lasted for an unprecedented 23 weeks, but students will also be returning to somewhat alien classrooms – new layouts, altered breaktimes and smaller class sizes, among other changes. Leaving few elements of normalcy for children to return to, making their transition back to school that bit more difficult. (more…)

Sensory Stimulation for Adults

Why is Sensory Stimulation Important for Adults?

It’s important that we find ways to help adults with learning disabilities or dementia live a full and enriched life. Communicating and spending time with family is typically a great way of finding enrichment, but this has been made increasingly difficult due to the current social distancing measures.

Sensory stimulation is a great way of bridging the communication gap, giving people the same sensory aids that they’d get naturally through their day to day lives. Sensory Rooms are popular in care environments for this very reason, as they provide special areas for their residents to explore, reminisce and develop their senses.


Sensory at Home

Emotions are high. Routines are out of the window. And we might not know where to focus our energy. It’s difficult to say the least. 

But we want to let you know that the grey cloud of uncertainty will pass. Bright sunny skies are ahead. And whilst we wait for the sun to shine, we’re ready to bring you a radiant rainbow of Sensory Supplies.