Creating A Sensory Integration Room

With Sensory Integration becoming a popular topic of conversation, we thought that we’d create a handy blog post to talk you through everything you need to know about Sensory Integration; what it is, what it means, and the process of designing/creating a Sensory Integration room – working through our recent case study at More Rehab!

What is Sensory Integration?

Sensory Integration is all about how our brain receives and processes sensory information, so that we can do the things we need to do in our everyday lives.

girl on platform swing in sensory integration room

What is Sensory Integration Therapy?

Sensory Integration Therapy involves stimulating and developing our senses, so that we can become more comfortable with our bodies and they way they move.

This involves our five senses: touch, smell, sight, sound and taste.

And three extra special senses that you might not have heard of before: Proprioceptive (bodily coordination), Vestibular (balance) and Interoception (internal bodily signals, e.g. hunger).

sensory integration therapy session with occupational therapist

Designing a Sensory Integration Room

Sensory Integration Rooms are used by lots of people with different needs and abilities, so coming up with an inclusive design, that will support everyone, is an important job.

When it came to designing More Rehab’s SI space, we made sure that we worked closely with their in house Occupational Therapists, so that we could craft a sensory space perfect for the needs of all their clients.

Here’s our proposed room design:

Sensory Room Design Proposal (More Rehab)


Building a Sensory Integration Room

Building the SI room was a job for our installation team. The crew travelled up to Sheffield to put together the pieces of the sensory room. Fitting the made the measure soft padding; constructing the large sensory swing; and making sure the electrics ran safely throughout the room, to power the bubbling bubble tube and twinkling fibre optics. Ready for a smooth hand over process to More Rehab’s team of OT’s.

Completed sensory integration room at More Rehab

Using a Sensory Integration Room

Everyone will experience a SI room differently, because each session will be specially crafted to suit your specific needs. Whether you need more time spent developing your vestibular skills on the platform swing, or if you want to challenge your proprioceptive system by creating a soft play tower.

Check out the video below, to meet the OT’s at More Rehab and watch them explain how each of the elements are used within the sensory space.

Find Out More

If you’d like more information about creating your own Sensory Integration space, get in touch with a member of our sensory team. They’ll be more than happy to help.

If you’ve already got your own SI space and are looking for some new sensory elements to brighten up the space, check out our Sensory Integration collection.

And you can find out more about More Rehab and the work they do right here.