Sensory Stories for Sensory Rooms – by Joanna Grace

Rhino UK invited Joanna Grace to explain how stories can be used within a sensory room and tips on how to use a multi sensory room to its full advantage.  Joanna Grace is a special educational needs and disabilities consultant and founder of the Sensory Project.


How and what to use to clean a Bubble Tube…

Bubble Tube Cleaning Brush, Bubble Column Additive

How often should a Bubble Tube be cleaned?

We recommend that you empty your Bubble Tube about every six weeks and refill it with fresh clean water.   If de-ionised (distilled) water has been used then this will only need to be changed every 3 months.


How does sensory equipment benefit dementia sufferers?

In a recent study 74% of people suffering with dementia improved in motor performance, their ability to undertake everyday tasks, 63% improved in cognitive tasks, their ability to remember, problem solve and judge what to do in everyday activities.

Traditionally multi sensory environments have been seen as beneficial to younger children or those with physical or learning disabilities. Research has proved otherwise! Everyone needs sensory stimulation in order to comprehend the world around them. Multi sensory equipment can be as beneficial to the elderly as it is to the young - using the right sensory equipment in the right environment enables any age group to benefit from sensory therapy.

Direct benefits for people with dementia after sensory room sessions:


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