Sensory Stimulation for Adults

Why is Sensory Stimulation Important for Adults?

It’s important that we find ways to help adults with learning disabilities or dementia live a full and enriched life. Communicating and spending time with family is typically a great way of finding enrichment, but this has been made increasingly difficult due to the current social distancing measures.

Sensory stimulation is a great way of bridging the communication gap, giving people the same sensory aids that they’d get naturally through their day to day lives. Sensory Rooms are popular in care environments for this very reason, as they provide special areas for their residents to explore, reminisce and develop their senses.


How To Build A Sensory Den

Sensory Dens are great for a personal and comforting sensory experience, especially if you don’t have to room for your own permanent sensory space. They’re pretty easy to build, so we thought that we’d share a few tips on how you can build your very own Sensory Den!


Sensory Exercise At Home

We all know that exercise is important. It can help you feel happier and more relaxed, and it also helps you to become more familiar with your body and how it works! As parks and playcentres are closed, it’s a great opportunity to bring some of that excitement back into your own home or garden. See below our sensory exercise inspiration and activities!


Make Homeschool More Manageable

Classrooms are special environments, designed to help children focus on their learning. Sadly, we don’t all have access to fabulous interactive classrooms, filled with resources and friends, and this could be creating some tough emotional challenges for your child. Thankfully we’ve got some helpful tips that you can use to reduce homeschool stress, regulate your days and stabilise emotions.


Sensory at Home

Emotions are high. Routines are out of the window. And we might not know where to focus our energy. It’s difficult to say the least. 

But we want to let you know that the grey cloud of uncertainty will pass. Bright sunny skies are ahead. And whilst we wait for the sun to shine, we’re ready to bring you a radiant rainbow of Sensory Supplies.